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Dental implantology is a set of surgical techniques aiming at the functional rehabilitation of a patient affected by total or partial edentulism, by using dental implants. Dental implants are cylindrical elements of pure titanium or ceramic, surgically inserted in the mandibular or maxillary bone. These elements are fitted with connectors to fasten them to fixed or removable prostheses, to enable chewing functionality. Due to progressive bone loss after tooth extraction, some cases make previous surgical techniques like guided bone regeneration or sinus lift necessary. Implant therapy increases life quality of affected patients considerably. Further advantages of dental implants are:

  • - - Prevention of the bone resorption and therefore collapse of the lower third of the face that would normally occur with the loss of teeth. So the facial structures and aesthetics remain intact.
  • - Rehabilitation of the mastication function, with a strong, stable foundation that allows comfortable biting and chewing.
  • - Replacing missing teeth with implants does not involve the adjacent natural teeth, so they are not compromised or damaged, as they would be with traditional tooth-supported bridges or parcial dentures.
  • - Many of the people who now enjoy the benefits of implant supported replacement teeth state that their self esteem and self confidence have been restored as a result of improved appearance, function, comfort, and health.